Johan Nordström Verktygsmaskiner AB, Est. 1955, is a general supplier of manufacturers of high quality, technical products within the machine tooling industry, mostly from Germany, Switzerland and Japan. The company generally represents manufacturers within the segment of chip removal machines, such as lathes, grinding machines, mills and machining centres.


  • 1955 October 10th, Johan Nordström founded the company. From the beginning the   company has solely been trading machine tools for chip removal.
  • 1964 The company moved to Stockholms “new city” at Sergels Torg.
  • 1980 Alternation of generations to Lars-Göran Nordström and Lars Ingelson.
  • 1984 The company moved to its own premises in Sollentuna.
  • 1989 Lars-Göran Nordström sells his shares, and Lars Ingelson is then the sole owner.
  • 2000 The establishment of the daughter company TechPoint for trading of tools and accessories for machine tools.
  • 2014 Peter Öfverstedt takes over as CEO after Lars Ingelson, who remains as Chairman of the Board and owner.

Daughter company

Please visit our daughter company TechPoint Systemteknik AB